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24 Apr 2014 0 Comments , 1 minute read

It’s been a long time. By the beginning of this year I started thinking about restarting my blog. And hey here it is. The brand new onygo is launched.

Many things have changed with this relaunch. Starting with the two most obvious changes: the language and the visual design.

I decided to go for English as my blogging language for two main reasons. First of all, during my time down under I met many people who do not speak German and I want them to be able to read my blog, too. The other reason is that I also blog about professional stuff here. And within my industry the lingua franca is English.

So now going for the visual design. I went for a black and white appearance with big typography. At the moment, photos are used very thriftily compared to the previous design. But that might change over time.

Under the hood some major changes have taken place. I moved from to Skeleton as my grid framework. Skeleton works pretty similar as, let’s say it adds responsive behaviour to And most important, it’s just a lightweight grid, no big design system like Bootstrap. Furthermore, I deactivated a lot of WordPress plugins, that are not needed any more. And last but not least, it’s the first WordPress theme I’ve built from scratch.

All in all, I really like the new onygo. Let’s see, if I manage to blog a little more regularly.

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