Let’s play Sesame Street

28 Apr 2014 0 Comments , , 1 minute read

It’s been a rather long time that i did this talk at #UXCGN8 at Imperia. But as the next heat will take place tomorrow at Pixelpark, it’s about time to blog about it.

So basically my talk was called “Let’s play Sesame Street”. It mainly addressed the necessity of asking questions during a design process. It was based on two great talks by Steve Portigal and Bill DeRouchey I heard down under at Melbs two years ago. And for sure Steve’s great book “Interviewing Users“. I’d totally recommend reading this book.

In the first part I talked about the environment and how we learn about it. After that I got to some basic rules when doing research and described the importance of the question “Why” in that phase.

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