XING – My Legacy Profile

04 Aug 2014 0 Comments , , , 2 minutes read

I used to love XING. Some years ago it was my primary place for business related interaction. I used to visit XING more than twice a day. I used to pay for the premium account nearly all 9 years I’ve had my account.

At least since I’ve been down under, LinkedIn has replaced XING as my primary means for business communication. Primarily, because LinkedIn is not limited to the German market but is available worldwide. Hence, I can keep in touch with my business contacts in Straya, the US, Europe (…) and thus also in Germany. And whilst using LinkedIn, I realized that a useful business platform exists that does not charge heaps of money for sending messages and seeing “Who’s visited your profile”. I get all the features from the XING premium version for free with LinkedIn. And additionally, more interesting discussions (certainly facing towards my profession) happen over at there. Funnily, even Facebook became a more important biz platform than XING. Hence, nowadays I visit XING only once a month and it’s more or less this frequency that I review my messages over there.

About two years ago, I thought that XING having monolingual profiles is a drawback. This has revised since I stopped to maintain my German language documents like CV and Folio. Thus I also switched my XING profile to English and the German LinkedIn profile remained there. I think, one day I’ll switch the German LinkedIn profile off.

In the meantime, I’ve had more opportunities coming from LinkedIn than coming from XING. And additionally, most interesting opportunities source from LinkedIn and not from XING.

So, as a conclusion, if you want to contact me, the easiest way is to drop me an email or give me a phone call. If you wanna connect with me on a networking platform, LinkedIn or Facebook will be the best choice.

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